Types of Marketing


A few decades ago, digital marketing was born. Now, the industry is evolving even faster than before! Today, brands have access to a variety of marketing types and tactics. From search engine marketing to account-based marketing, businesses can use a mix of different strategies to find their target audience and bring in more revenue. Types … Read more

Best Tools For Your Marketing Technology Stack


Today’s marketing environment is undeniably busy. There are so many tasks for digital marketers to perform that it’s almost impossible to get everything done without the right tools. Marketing automation and other systems make sure marketers have a better ROI on their marketing efforts. In this digital era, a marketing technology stack is fundamental to … Read more

Marketing Tools & Software For Every Business


As a marketer, you are always looking out for tools to help you succeed. Personally, I find it difficult to keep track of all the new marketing trends and what sets each one apart. I often wish I had a better understanding of the tools and what they are capable of so that I could … Read more

What is Marketing Technology (Martech)


Marketing technology is the term for tools used to help marketers in their work. For years, marketing technology has been mainly used in digital marketing and the optimization of offline marketing channels. However, the industry is expanding due to its first identification as a standalone industry in 2011. Marketing technology is important for organizations’ efficiency … Read more