How To Rewrite Content Without Being Plagiarized

Being a content creator, you may find it hard to cope with the evolving requirements of search engines. Obviously, you want your blog post or articles to be on the top of SERPs.

The Internet is replete with how to? questions that are frequently confusing and sometimes misleading.

Creating a wonderful content marketing strategy is not easy when your audience is varied.

 Having said that, top-ranking gurus keep repeating the jargon of the buyer’s persona. Although these factors are important, you need to know the main obstacle that has prevented you to rank on Google.

So, let’s move toward our topic without further ado.

The thing holding you back is “plagiarism”.

According to Kent State University:

“Plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) material without acknowledging its source.”

There are different types of plagiarism and all of them downplay your content’s integrity.

Google loves original, detailed, well-researched, and understandable. But if your content is duplicate then you are in big trouble as google can de-rank your websites if it sees any plagiarized content. You should know the mechanism of google for that matter.

Google has an AI bot, how much intelligent they may be, they get confused on seeing plagiarized content as they don’t know which content resource is original.

Therefore, they may leave your content without indexing it or they may prefer clearer content. According to Matt Cutts, Google has the right to penalize such websites that are copying other content in a manipulative manner.

 You can see this example in this way: You search for a particular topic; you see some results are filtered out.

 Those results are duplicates and less elaborative that’s why they get filtered and only the best result is shown. Copying content from low SEO sites can also badly affect your website’s SEO.

 Therefore, always try to write unique content. We have seen a mushroom growth of duplicate websites in recent years. Matt Cutts says,”25-30% percent of the web is duplicate”.

 Amid these circumstances, writing unique content is difficult but you need not worry as you can use paraphrasing tools to rewrite your content without being plagiarized.

What is a paraphrasing tool:

An online tool that transforms your text by changing its syntax, keeps its original meaning and makes your content plagiarism-free.

You can paraphrase your content by yourself, but it requires time and effort to do so. In this world, where you have to compete with others, doing manual paraphrasing is a big deal.

On top of that, your paraphrased content may contain grammatical errors or typos. In contrast, an AI-based article rewriter due to its efficient algorithms removes all errors from your content.

So, it’s better to modernize yourself with new tools. Most paraphrasing tools come with plagiarism checkers. Let me share with you the top five of them.

Tools to Rewrite Content:


 It is an online paraphrasing tool that rewrites your text to make it plagiarism-free. Based on AI, it transforms your text like humans. This tool makes your content easily understandable. That’s why it can improve your website’s SEO.


·         Free of cost:

You don’t need to provide any payment details to use this tool. It’s totally free of cost and easily available for you. You can access this tool with just a click.

·         Based on NLP:

It uses NLP to paraphrase your sentences and words like a pro. NLP is Natural Language Processing in which software is trained with the help of machine learning. A large quantity of data is stored in the tool to produce desired results.

·         Plagiarism remover:

Paraphrasing removes plagiarism from your content with its state-of-the-art plagiarism tool.

·         Multi-lingual:

You can paraphrase multiple language texts easily. Languages include English, Norwegian, Dutch, and many more.

·         Compatible:

Paraphrase supports android and iOS.

·         Different modes:

Now you can reword your text in three different modes.

·         Fluency

·         Standard

·         Creative


It is unique as compared to others due to several distinct features. It not only removes plagiarism but also makes it unique by paraphrasing it. In this way, it works as a combo.

Click the check plagiarism button and it will fetch any similar content present in your text within seconds.


·         Free to use:

You can access this tool anytime without being bothered by the requirement.

·         Four types of modes:

You can use its four modes to rewrite your text. Its modes help you to select the best version of your text.

1.      Simple

2.      Advanced

3.      Fluency

4.      Creative

·         Wide range of languages:

You can use its paraphrasing tool to rewrite your text in multiple languages. It has a large range of languages up to fourteen.

·         Large capacity:

It can handle a vast number of words. In standard mode, it can bear up to 5000 characters


As the name suggests, it does the task of two tools. First, you will enter the text into it. It will then process your text to check for grammar mistakes. Then, will rephrase your text and at last, it will find plagiarism in your text and remove it.


·         Two modes:

It houses two different modes:

o   Simple mode:

You can spin an unlimited number of words in simple mode.

o   AI mode:

It supports 500 words in this mode. This mode is used to make unique content.

·         Compatible with different text files:

It supports .txt, .pdf, .docx files. You can also download your rewritten text by clicking on the download button.

·         Grammar checker:

It also contains a grammar checker and supports more than 10 languages.


It is an online plagiarism checker that not only checks plagiarism but also removes it. Its AI-based algorithms are one of a kind. Owing to its unique features it is one the best plagiarism checker and removers.


·         3 in 1 tool:

You can use this plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism. If detected, you can remove it by plagiarism remover. Finally, you can check grammar with a grammar checker.

·         Download option:

This tool has a download option. And you can use it instantly.

·         Free of cost:

The plagiarism checker is free to use. You can use it instantly without any registration.

5. is versatile plagiarism that finds plagiarized content and removes the similarity in the text.


·         Instant:

It’s free to use and instantly available.

·         Wide range:

This tool can check the plagiarism of several articles.

·         Academic plagiarism:

It comprehensively checks the plagiarism of the thesis, research papers, and articles. Therefore, it is used by students mostly.

·         Free tool:

This tool is absolutely free, and you have no need to register to use this tool.