6 Pros Of Instagram Marketing In 2022


Among roughly one billion active users of Instagram, there is no way you will not find your users. Social media marketing is the most effective form of marketing in 2022. The number of users across different social media platforms is about to reach 13.96 billion. 

Compared to the data a year ago, it is a 4.8% growth this year. Significantly Instagram is growing to become the next big social media marketing platform after Facebook. The users of Instagram are roughly aged between 18 years to 24 years. 

If your business products target this demographic of users, then you should hop onto Instagram and start your marketing campaign. Instagram followers offer excellent advantages for marketers and businesses. 

Suppose you are still doubtful about the benefits of marketing on Instagram; you need to read this article here. Here, we have described the different benefits of using Instagram for marketing. 

Pros Of Instagram Marketing 

Here are six benefits of running Instagram marketing –

  1. Increase Your Brand Awareness 

Be it a business or a personality, Instagram is the perfect platform when it comes to branding. You cannot expect to improve the brand awareness of your business on Instagram without visually appealing to the audience. 

Instagram, being a photo-centric platform, allows enough scope for increasing your brand awareness visibly. Its vast user database allows the businesses and marketers to reach a wide range of audiences and leave the imprints of your business upon the prospects, audience, customers and the 

But, it will take considerable, and you need to remain consistent throughout. Creating attractive, educative content regularly and engaging with your customers should help you build a large group of followers. The wider your follower base is, the better opportunity you have on Instagram marketing. 

  1. Better Ranking On The SERP & Traffic

The conversion rate on your business site is connected to the amount of traffic you generate using different organic means. You can use Instagram to increase the traffic to your site. 

According to data, 80% of marketers who used Instagram for marketing claim that they have seen a boost in traffic following their marketing initiative. Around 73% of adults use Instagram and remain online almost every day. Marketers can use their time to increase the traffic on their business sites. 

Instagram is a great place if you want your business site to rank top in SERP using SEO. Instagram helps you with high-quality followers and lets your brand known throughout the Instagram community.  

  1. Generate High Quality Leads At Low Cost

When you want to get leads that actually agave any chance of converting, Instagram is a place to start looking. Here, you have the best opportunity to generate the targeted audience who looks for your product. That is why marketing on Instagram is beneficial. 

You can save almost 80% of your expenses in generating leads if you use Instagram for marketing. Traditional ways like newspaper, radio, and TV commercials make more money than Instagram. 

Small businesses have the best way to generate leads from high-quality content. All you need is to understand your target audience and strategies your content methodically to cater to their needs. 

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  1. Helps Boost Content Marketing 

With social media in the play, content marketing has given the business a cost-effective and time-saving opportunity to market. You should align the brand’s motive with the attitude of your content to get the most out of your campaign. 

Your content helps you grasp the audience you want to nurture and retain for your further marketing efforts. With an efficient content strategy, you can create a stronghold on Instagram for marketing and social network

  1. Better Insight Into Your Audiences Activities 

The better insight a business has into the activities of the audience, the better marketing campaigns they can run. Having a business account on Instagram allows you to better analytics of your followers and your audience. You can gather data based on your audience’s gender, age, interests, and the language they speak. 

It is great for designing campaigns and revealing product offers and deals. Data-driven insight is always helpful for efficient marketing. With Instagram, you don’t have to worry about that. 

  1. Time Saving Marketing For Better Product Promotion 

Instagram marketing is not time-consuming and does not take a lot of effort on your part. Once you have a plan to regularly put out high quality, it takes hardly any time to engage and continue. But, when it comes to marketing, traditionally, you end up paying more money and time. 

Also, it is a great image-based platform for better promotion of your products. You can take high-quality images of your products and make them popular through regular posting. 

Final Words

Surely there are some cons as well, but they are comparative. Only if you compare it to Facebook, Instagram links are less effective. It also has a lesser user base compared to Facebook. But, steadily, Instagram is building up itself, and it will only grow. So, if you are a marketer, now is the high time to be marketing on Instagram. 

We hope that you understand why it is effective to market on Instagram. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section.