Why Guest Blogging is Important for Your Business

Let’s start with an explanation of what guest articles are and why they’re beneficial. When you blog on your own site, a post is simply a post on your own blog; however, when you publish anything on someone else’s site, you are now a guest. Guest posts can be valuable for a variety of reasons, such as branding your company or occupying branded search query positions. Guest articles, however, are frequently utilized as spam backlinks.

Guest blogging is a fantastic method for people to get their work in front of a wide range of people.  When you contribute to another person’s blog, you are referred to as a guest author.

Someone could desire to guest blog for a variety of reasons. You could be doing it to get a connection back to one of your own online pages, or you might be doing it to expose your work to new audiences.

Basics of guest posting

There is a lot of material on the internet regarding this issue, as you may or may not know, and we’ve included a list of some of our favorite sites at the end of this post.

But first, let’s go through the fundamentals.

Guest blogs should be well-written, relevant to the host site, and provide readers with a new perspective. They must also be succinct and timely. As a post is shared, the number of people who see it expands. Outbound links must be informative and valuable. The anchor text for the links should be related to the article’s content. Links from sites with a lot of guest content should not be dispersed because they are almost useless.

Writing a guest post is a lot of work, but it can be worth it if you’re strategic about your publication or campaign. You shouldn’t try to write a post that will go viral but focus on releasing content that is helpful, on-topic, and well-written.

An excellent guest article is topical, on the subject, and comes in a range of lengths.

Most guest blogs are about 800-1000 words long, but experienced pros agree that they should be 1500-2500 words long. According to data, having more information on your website increases your chances of ranking better in Google searches.

You may not think it’s a good idea to spend time writing articles for other websites when you might be working on your own, but the benefits of guest blogging are huge.

Paid Guest Posts

There’s an entire industry made solely on writing paid guest posts. There are SEO guest post writers who will write numerous articles on different subjects for placement on many sites. However, Google has sophisticated methods that can identify the author across multiple sites and identify sites that sell links. We think this could be a strategy Google used in the Penguin update from 2012.

If you’re using guest posts for SEO, be careful of using sites that do it all the time. You may spend money and you aren’t guaranteed that the links will pass authority. I’m not even sure if Google can tell you about this and I’m not sure the person who promised the links will tell you.

How Many Links Should I Put In My Guest Posts?

If the links don’t bring value to the content, they shouldn’t be included. If they’re useful, you’ll need to choose the most appropriate number for the article. In general, for every 500 words, one link from a guest post should be included.

I believe that guest articles should not contain more than two or three links, as this may make them appear spammy, even if they are not. Keep in mind that you’re writing for your audience, not for yourself.

How to Find Websites That Accept Guest Posts

Guest writing is a fantastic method to improve your SEO, meet new people, and make friends.

What’s the best way to get started?

Finding a blog that will let you guest post is the first step.

There are a few options for accomplishing this. You can come across databases of blogs looking for guest authors. However, these connections might be unreliable. Furthermore, you may not be receiving the level of service that you desire. A Google search for ‘best blogs in my business’ should turn up just what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for guest posts, use Google or another search engine’s advanced search feature.

The easiest technique to locate a blog is to go through the search results and make a decision about the blogs you come across.

It’s all about striking a balance between producing high-quality content and the possibility of the site accepting your submission.

Searching for guest-posting sites using the search terms is an easy approach to find them.

Insite:guest post+industry

Replace industry with your industry for example my friend is currently looking for guest posting opportunities on some of the popular automotive websites so we use the following term to find prospects.

You can also try some of the following search terms in addition to your industry. 

| “guest post” | “write for us” | “guest article” | “contributing writer” | “want to write for” | “submit blog post” | “contribute to our site” | “guest column” | “submit content” | “submit your content” | “submit post” | “submit news” | “become a guest blogger” | “guest blogger” | “guest posts wanted” | “looking for guest posts” | “guest posts wanted” | “guest poster wanted” | “accepting guest posts” |


When you’re first starting out on the internet, guest blogging is a terrific method to get your material noticed. It’s difficult to build a business from the ground up. Without having to start from scratch, guest blogging allows you to capitalize on the success of others in your sector.

You must submit pitches that showcase what you can provide in order to be chosen for a guest blog article.

As a new blogger, guest blogging is simply one of several content marketing tactics that you should consider.