5 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

This is the right time to use Pinterest for your business. 


It is 2022 and if you are not using Pinterest for your business, you are surely missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

Pinterest is a sustainable and tappable resource that you can use to promote your brand and business. It is not a secret that Pinterest can benefit your business. This platform offers unique ways to promote their business, sometimes as a visual search engine and sometimes by exposing your business to a newer range of customers.

But if you are still on the fence about how to use Pinterest for business, we have got you covered. In this blog, we are discussing 5 tips for using Pinterest for business. So stay right here with us and read this blog till the end. 

5 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business 

Most marketers underestimate Pinterest as an entertainment platform that serves just one purpose; which is to find artistic inspirations and ideas. This is because they have never used the potential of Pinterest.  If done right, Pinterest can bring you traffic and conversion rate for your business like insane. Have a look. 

Create An Outline For Marketing Strategy 

A prior creation of an outline for marketing strategy helps you to track and measure the performance of the marketing campaigns. The more time you take out to create the outline, the better opportunities you will create to sell. You can consider the pointers below while creating an outline. 

  • We recommend you learn about the Pinterest audience and demographic. Look at the statistics of the users and people roaming on the platform with purchasing intent. A clear picture of the statistics will help you to have an overwhelming influence in the industry. 
  • Start by creating a content calendar for your brand. A content calendar will save you from last-minute disastrous postings. You can also look into the Pinterest accounts of your competitors for more content ideas. 

Once you create the outline, the entire marketing plan will seem easy for you. 

Create Content For Pinterest 

Pinterest is a visually dominating platform. By this, we mean the world on Pinterest revolves around high-quality and visually appealing images. In this situation, you have to create captivating Pins. 

A captivating pin is equivalent to high-quality and vibrant images. Try to follow a theme for your pictures. It can be a specific hue or a theme that aligns with your brand. 

We recommend businesses shoot with a 2:3 image aspect ratio. This image aspect ratio helps them to avoid the cropping of images. Moreover, it is also important to add a short description to the images. A description of the image helps to add context and encourages the visitors to click on the pin. 

One can also use text overlay to grab the attention of the browsers of the platform. You can also use different types of pins to attract visitors. For example, carousels and videos can provide a unique user experience. 

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile 

Four hundred seventy-nine million people are hovering on the platform to look for inspiration and ideas. When you optimize your profile, it helps the visitors to figure out about your business. This creates a  friendly interaction between your and your target audience. You can make some quick changes to optimize your Pinterest profile. Have a look at the pointers below. 

  • Use a professional logo or photograph as a profile picture. Choose a cover image that will entice your visitors to follow you. A well-optimized profile helps the platform to know about your business in a profound manner. 
  • You can add relevant keywords to the description of the pin. Choose simple words for the description. 
  • We also recommend you use hashtags to boost the reach of your pins. 

Embed Pinterest Board On Website 

Over the past few years, Pinterest has emerged as a brilliant way to influence the audience. If you are a business owner and want to boost the traffic to your website, opting to embed a Pinterest board on your website is a great idea. While this helps you amplify your Pinterest content’s reach, it also makes your website look visually appealing. Once you display a Pinterest board on your website, it helps you uplift your website’s overall look. 

You can easily embed a Pinterest board on the website using any social media aggregator tool. With these tools, it is easy to customize the overall look of the widget. By this, we mean you do not have to deal with boring themes or a lack of themes for your widget. You have total control over how your widget looks to your website visitors. 

Create Boards For Seasonal Campaigns 

While it is important to create content for Pinterest and optimize your profile, it is also important to carefully plan your pins for upcoming festive seasons, marketing campaigns, etc. Your strategically planned pins will help the interested Pinners to reach specific topics. When you create boards for seasonal campaigns, your visitors perceive you as an active brand.

Let’s take an example of a seasonal campaign. Suppose you are a Patisserie brand, you can include pins for upcoming seasons like St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas. You can create pins for recipe ideas. Since recipes are popular on Pinterest, it will boost your content on the platform. 

Wrapping Up 

So now you know all the tips you need for using Pinterest for business. With over 479 million users worldwide, Pinterest is a platform you would not want to miss for your business. It is a perfect place to showcase your brand and business. With all the tips and tricks mentioned above, we hope you will put your best foot forward. 

So stop waiting. This is your sign to start using Pinterest for business.